Does every game have a 50/50?

Yes, even road games!  You can only buy 50/50 tickets online or on the phone for road games.  You can buy home game 50/50 tickets online, by phone or at the game.

When do you start selling 50/50 tickets?

Tickets will go on sale for each 50/50 draw the day after the last 50/50 draw by noon.

Who can purchase?

You must be in Saskatchewan at the time of your purchase and over the age of 19 in order to buy tickets.

How do I buy 50/50 tickets?

Tickets are available online at Riders5050.ca or by calling the Riders Foundation 306-566-4216.  Tickets are also available at home games.

How much are 50/50 tickets?

Ticket prices are as follows:
5 tickets for $20
20 tickets for $50
50 tickets for $100
200 tickets for $200

What is the Extra Yard Add-on?

The Extra Yard Add-on is a separate draw for a Custom Roughrider Golf Cart worth $16,095.  You must purchase the 50/50 in order to purchase to the Extra Yard Add-on.  The Extra Yard Add-on tickets are 3 tickets for $10.  There are four separate golf carts that will be awarded throughout the year.  Visit the rules of play for all details about the Extra Yard Add-on.

I already have my 50/50 tickets - how do I get additional Extra Yard Add-on Tickets?

Call the Riders Foundation at 306-566-4216 and they’ll help you out.

How do I get in for the Early Bird Prizes?

Each game-day 50/50 has an Early Bird prize (except for Draw 1 on May 20).  The Early Bird prizes have specific deadlines for each 50/50 draw and if you buy your tickets prior to that deadline, you’ll be eligible for that Early Bird Prize as well as the 50/50.  Each 50/50 draw has a different Early Bird Prize and you would have to buy that week to be eligible for that specific prize.  Check out all the awesome Early Bird Prizes here

What are the Bye week Bonus Prizes?

We wanted to make the bye week exciting too!  So if you buy your tickets before the Bonus deadline during bye weeks, you will be eligible for an extra draw of $1,000 cash!

How do I receive my tickets?

You will receive an email with your tickets within 2 hours of completing your order online or by phone. It is usually in your inbox within a few seconds but sometimes when volumes are high, it takes a little longer.  Your email address must be entered correctly with no errors when purchasing to ensure you receive your tickets.  If you buy your tickets at the game, you will get a printed ticket.

Where do I find winning ticket numbers and when do you post them?

Riders5050.ca or by clicking here.  The Early Bird prizes will be announced online during the game.  The 50/50 winners will be posted online approx. 1-2 hours after the game.

I won, what do I do?

Step 1 - Call or email the Riders Foundation. 306-566-4212 or info@saskridersfdn.com  Step 2 – Party!

Am I able to get a refund?

All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds issued.

How are proceeds used by the Roughrider Foundation?

All funds raised are used to make a positive impact on the province’s youth through the Foundations three community pillars: education, health and amateur football.